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» Lina [userpic]
20 icons!
by » Lina (linachu)
at March 1st, 2008 (09:43 pm)

Oh my god, what the hell is this, an actual UPDATE?


Why, yes, yes it is.

Extremely sorry for the lack of updates, but the past year (2007, really) has been hectic for the three of us. College for them, family stuff and moving around the state for me and whatnot. Not to mention LJ's glorious Strikethrough bogged us down heavily and had us wary about posting our icons, since sleepdebtfairy and I are notorious for posting unpopular (or in some cases, popular?) pairings that had gotten others banned. (Iffy incest and whatnot.) And I had just gotten my hands on Photoshop for my new computer and got back into the habit of icon-making.

So, without further adieu-

[FMA] 11
[Slayers] 5 (all Lina)
[Legend of Zelda] 4


I made a deal with Mister HadesCollapse )

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